Welcome to the first 360° spinning restaurant, bar, and lounge that takes you through the four seasons while you eat, socialize, mingle, or celebrate. Experience the atmosphere changing right before your eyes in this unbelievable place. Each dish of the 4 course meal will be catered to the season you are in. Remember to dress for every season!


Start your 360 experience in spring, where the sky is blue, the flowers are blossoming, and butterflies are in the air. You're enjoying your first drink as your spring dish comes to your table. It starts to mist and you can feel it.. As the mist is turning into a light shower, you start to wonder.. am I going to get soaked? Cover is then provided for your table. The rainstorm arrives and it starts to downpour, followed by thunder and lightning. It's getting pretty dark and you can feel the rain bouncing off the ground. You're about to finish your meal and the rain slowly stops, the sky turns blue again, and a warm breeze sweeps through the air.


Summer is here, as you realize your surroundings have completely changed. You’ve found yourself in the middle of a jungle. You can feel the heat and you need to start taking some layers off. It's time for a cold drink because you need something to cool down. Your summer dish arrives to the table. The sun is beaming through the leaves, with the perfect amount of shade. You can see and hear the beach waves in between the trees. There is so much greenery around you, it’s the perfect summer day. You gradually notice waterfalls everywhere. The beautiful splashing sounds are in the background. You suddenly feel a cool breeze in the air.


Autumn arrives, the leaves have slowly started to change colours, the temperature is dropping, and there is still a cool breeze in the air. At this point, it's time to layer up. Your fall dish arrives to your table as the leaves on the trees are completely yellow, orange and red. It’s a little windy and the skies are gradually becoming more grey. You notice the leaves falling from the trees until the trees become bare, and the leaves have decorated the ground in a warm and colourful way. The temperature continues to drop.


Winter arrives as you notice the snow falling ever so lightly from the sky. The first snowfall is as beautiful as you can imagine. The trees are decorated with lights in all different colours. Time to bundle up. Hope you brought your jacket, gloves and tuque because it’s cold. The snow starts to fall harder and you can feel the arctic wind on your cheeks. If you need, request a heater or fireplace to your table. After you finish your warm food and drinks, you can get up from your table and go play in the snow, or skate on the ice rink surrounded by trees and lights. It is then time to return to your tables because winter is coming to an end as the snow stops, the sky turns blue, and as it starts to get warmer.


The mist starts falling from the sky, thanks for visiting Misty360.

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